Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Still Room for Pilgrims on St. Cuthbert's Way Pilgrimage!

Still room for more!

St. Cuthbert's Way Pilgrimage: May 24-31, 2014!

65 miles/5 days/6 nights.


Melrose Abbey, Scotland to Lindisfarne, England.

Trail Trekkers will be transporting equipment, preparing food and shelter.

Come for this time of communion with the saints above and right here on earth!

Buen Camino!


How Pilgrimage Teaches Us About Lent

From my article on

For Christians, Lent is a season that is almost synonymous with the word "journey". In preparation for Easter, for 40 days, many people choose either to give up something, as Jesus did when he practiced fasting in the wilderness, or to re-focus on a Christian spiritual practice with a renewed sense of purpose. Whether one relinquishes something favored or adopts new habits, such activity is meant to lead people to remember the pattern of the Last Supper that prefigures an act of Godly love, the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross, culminating in the celebration of the divine resurrection of Christ.
While I am usually drawn either to surrender or take on new during Lent, my attention this year is on the high incidence of traveling metaphors commonly used by writers, speakers, pastors, and priests alike, when describing Lent. The intent of using this language is to assist believers in focusing on the progress or process of transformation in this hallowed season. As I read and hear from religious leaders, some of my favorite ways of traversing over the 40-day period of Lent is as follows: one goes on a mysterious journey as one follows Jesus; Lent is a sacred pilgrimage into the desert of our lives accompanied by Christ's spirit. Or it is a solemn trek into an unknown land requiring us to rely upon the Spirit to give us strength in our time of praying and fasting. Other teachers talk of wandering on the road of temptation and forgiveness, or maybe a trail of remembrances, reflecting upon what Jesus has done and is doing for us. A few seek to be on a quest for a deeper understanding of the mystery of forgiveness as we make our way along a pathway toward more meaningful faith, one step at a time.

Read more here:

Buen Camino!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Map of St. Cuthbert's Way

Here's a map of St. Cuthbert's Way.

There's still a place for you: six are signed up and six spots left!

Contact me ASAP!

Buen Camino!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pilgrimage and Story

I gave a talk on pilgrimage at Emory and Henry College, in which I pulled on the string of thought that pilgrimage is a trail we walk shadowed by a story.

I heard someone say or write something similar recently, and liked it in terms of putting our life journey into the context of a larger story that we are part of, and in which we find meaning.

The problem with it is linear: not all journeys are linear, and same with stories.

Also: how does  one understand the multiple levels of how a story, and a pilgrimage, affect us? 

Finally: is it my story that tells me who I am, or am I the writer of the story? Is it possible that the story is unfolding and not complete?

Buen camino!


Friday, February 21, 2014

Calling all pilgrims!

Come one and all!

Come with us on pilgrimage!

Hi Pilgrims! St. Cuthbert's Way calls you to come and walk to Lindisfarne on this holy trek. Six pilgrims have signed up! Six openings left! Come and walk the way of St. Cuthbert to Lindisfarne, England, a.k.a., "The Holy Isle!" Pilgrims will meet on the night of Sat., May 24, at Melrose Abbey, and end on Thursday, May May 31st on Lindisfarne. This is a 65 miles, or 13 miles a day. The cost for this pilgrimage, which includes tents (tents with cots, tables, chairs and lights!) and 3 meals a day, plus transportation of our materials is $990. Trail Trekkers will provide the tents and meals along the way. There is room for 6 more pilgrims! Any questions? Ask Brett Webb-Mitchell, Director of the School of the Pilgrim,, or visit:
Buen Camino!

Friday, February 7, 2014

St. Cuthbert's Pilgrimage! 5 Signed Up, and 7 Spots Left!

Five people have signed up to walk the way of St. Cuthbert to Lindisfarne!  7 spots left!

Here's the info again:

St. Cuthbert's Way Pilgrimage is happening! Half way towards being filled! Six more spaces open! The pilgrimage is from May 25-31, and is a pilgrimage between Melrose Abbey and Lindisfarne in England. 6 nights, five days walking, with an extra day to process the pilgrimage in Lindisfarne, a.k.a., the Holy Isle. If you are interested in just Melrose Abbey and Lindisfarne, and/or Melrose and Lindisfarne, along with Iona as well, let me know! Email me at:, or 919-444-9111.

Here's the schedule:
Night 1 (Sunday) - Melrose

Day 1 (Monday) - Three Abbeys in one day
Melrose to Jedburgh (passing Dryburgh Abbey - resting place of Sir Walter Scott - on the way)

Night 2 (Monday) - Jedburgh

Day 2 (Tuesday) - Jedburgh to Kirk Yetholm

Night 3 (Tuesday) - Kirk Yetholm

Day 3 (Wednesday) - Kirk Yetholm to Wooler

Night 4 (Wednesday) - Wooler

Day 4 (Thursday) Wooler to Beal (passing St Cuthbert's Cave en-route)

Night 5 (Thursday) - Beal

Day 5 (Friday) Beal to Holy Island (Lindisfarne)

Night 6 (Friday) - Beal

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snowy trails

It snowed in our patch of earth in NC last night.

This morning, it was smooth whiteness around our yard...until the dogs went out and left a trail of paw prints and more.  Criss crossing the yard were lots of paw prints and skid marks where the dogs flellt trying to get a toy out of the snowy yard, or urinated.

Likewise, earth is full of such criss crossing paths.  We just don't see it as prominently because of the ability of grass and dirt to quickly revive from our trampling.

Nothing like snow to remind us how we all leave our path upon terra firma.

Buen camino!