Sunday, March 31, 2013

News from the trail...

Easter blessings!

This week was celebration of Passover (Mon. and Tue., March 25, and 26); the feast of Holi (March 27), and Holy Week.  Phew!

It isn't like I've been off of the trail of my pilgrimage, or the School of the Pilgrim. In short, I've been taken up on the pilgrimage of life, in which much has taken place as an activist with people who are LGBTQ, marriage equality, and straight allies.

On the School of the Pilgrim front, much is taking place:

1.  Just finished a course of Pilgrimage and Lent at United Church of Chapel Hill;

2. Getting ready to take seniores from the Univ. of NC-Chapel Hill on pilgrimage across England in May 2013;

3. Getting people to go with me on pilgrimage in November 2013;

4. Pilgrimage with other student from UNC-CH in March 2013.

I'll be posting here more regularly.

Buen Camino!