Friday, November 1, 2013

Saints on Pilgrimage

One of the lines I repeat on all pilgrimages has to do with saints.

Saints are our guide and accompanier--and sometimes those who shove us--forward on pilgrimage.

Without them, we'd be lost.

On this holy day, All Saints' Day, we are glad that All Hallows' Eve scared the bejezus out of evil, making today the precious and holy day it is as we remember saints.

I remember Sts. Cuthbert and Adrian who were with us as we walked along Hadrian's Wall this past spring, and glad they were there to accompany us in spirit and story.  Thankful for Venerable Bede for writing their stories, along with Oswald's story.

Thankful for modern day saints.

Remembering my grandparents this day: Alice, Paul, Evelyn, and Porter.  Remembering my dad, Don.

Lord in your mercy...hear our prayer.

Buen Camino!