Monday, March 26, 2007

Lenten Pilgrimage

It seems like only yesterday and not almost-forty days ago, that many were smudged with a thumb-full of ash on our foreheads, with the haunting words, "And to dust you shall return." It is humbling, in a world of superficial glamour and glitz, to be reminded that we are a strange, mysterious composition of dirt and water. What gives us life? The One who made the waters dance and the rivers sing; filled the air with dervish-like clouds and vee-formations of geese.

Christians now enter into the "home-stretch," the last few miles and days of our Lenten pilgrimage. Through the joyous sound of "Hosannas!" we turn the bend in the road, down toward Maundy Thursday. The entire Holy Week, our Passion Week, is a paradigmatic design of our earthly pilgrimage: entrance; first steps; journeying onward; drawing to an end; reaching destination...yet moving onward.

In this time of year I am always left wondering, "How will this Holy Week be different than the other weeks of life?"

Pilgrim Peace, Brett