Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Pilgrimage Sites

After I returned from a visit to Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland, OR, recently, I sat down with the map I tore out of the back of the airline magazine, and started to circle all the places that I know of which offer pilgrimage...or their countries if they have lots of pilgrimages, e.g., India and Ireland, to name a few.

In following up with yesterday's National Geographic list, I want to offer another list, which includes some other sites:
  • Chimayo, NM;
  • Putting together a pilgrimage of Cesar Chavez in CA;
  • Putting together a pilgrimage of Selma and Montgomery and MLK, Jr.;
  • Putting together a pilgrimage of Hell’s Kitchen and Dorothy Day;
  • Montreal and/or Quebec have a “Lourdes”-like cathedral;
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico;
  • Machu Pichu in Peru;
  • There is a pilgrimage trail in Brazil, ending at the top of the hill with the Christ statue in Rio, and Mt. Corcovado;
  • Lourdes in France;
  • Spain's Santiago de Compostela;
  • Black Madonna in Poland;
  • Međugorje in Bosnia;
  • Rome and Assisi;
  • Holy Land;
  • Cambodia;
  • Thailand;
  • Bhutan;
  • India;
  • Nepal;
  • Lhasa in China;
  • Japan and the 18 temples;
  • Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia;
  • Egypt
  • Petra in Jordan;
  • Uluru in Australia;
  • Delphi, Greece;
  • Tiwanacu in Bolivia;
  • Stonehenge, Canterbury, and Lindisfarne, and St. Mary's Well in the U.K.
  • Mount Banahaw in Philippines;
  • Church of St. Mary of Zion in Ethiopia;
  • Mezquita de Cordoba, Spain;
  • Istanbul, Turkey;
  • The Chinguetti Mosque in Mauritania
Please add on if you believe there are more!

Bien camino,

Pilgrim peace, Brett