Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Elias Chacour and the School of the Pilgrim

I heard a great sermon and spoke briefly with the Rev. Dr. Bishop Elias Chacour this morning at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Rev. Chacour is a Palestinian Christian who lives in the West Bank who preached this morning before the participants of this Assembly. He is, by his own confession, a "living contradiction": Palestinian, Christian and Israeli.

As he was walking out of one meeting to another I button-holed him with a card of the School of the Pilgrim, which led to possible connections in the future with the School of the Pilgrim.

His invitation was clear: he wanted us to go and visit the Holy Land, to see what is happening to the Palestinian people. He said that Christians are leaving as quickly as possible from this part of the world because of the violence.

It is time for a change in that part of the world.

Buen camino,

Pilgrim peace, Brett