Friday, September 26, 2008

To Galilee!

This morning we processed BETHLEHEM, and sorted out the day's agenda:
* We made it to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre/Resurrection, and kissed the rock where Jesus' tomb was, and from which he rose, being scooted along by a Greek Orthodox priest who yelled "Single Line!" and "Bravo" when we got out in time as hundreds waited to kiss the stone.
* We made it to St. Mark's, which is the Syrian Orthodox Chapel that housed the first meeting room of the Church because they had the Last Supper with Jesus here.
* We were wooed by a rug seller (More later), and given coffee and water for some purchases;\
* This morning, as we walked along the Cordo we were caught in a rush of veiled Muslim women as they rushed to the mosque near the Dome of the Rock because it is the last Sat. of Ramadan. Tonight is the night Muslim's celebrate the unveiling of the Koran!
* We made it to Avis to rent a car by 1, which is when Shabbath began.
* Then we made our way back to pick up our bags and out of Jerusalem! And we got really lost until we asked a driver in a bus in a town that wasn't on the map where we were. He asked, "How'd you ever find this road?" We were truly lost. But he led us to the highway that led us to the Dead Sea, and then left to Galilee.
* Tonight we ate dinner with the folks at the Pilgerhaus, a Benedictine house of welcome, along with the founders/ blazers of the Jesus Trail, a 40 mile trail through this area, connecting places of Jesus' ministry.

Buen Camino!

Shalom and Salaam, Brett