Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gates of Cristo

In the book VISUAL THEOLOGY (Edited by Robin Jensen and Kim Vrundy, Liturgical Press, 2009), Doug Adams wrote an essay on Cristo and Jeanne-Claude's draping. The one draping was in Central Park with "The Gates" project. This is what I found novel:

The word gate originally meant "a path" or " the way." Passage ways are central images as thresholds of transcendence in religions such as Judaism and Christianity. In Judaism every door helps us remember the Exodus through which God brought us out of Egypt from slavery to freedom, and in Christian, Christ is the doorway, or the one who suggests followers ought to knock at the door, or the one who sits in the doorway as our way to freedom from death to resurrection. (The gate) is a threshold to cross: to transcend what is known and to pilgrimage into new territory. But the very ability to transcend the familiar and venture into the unknown implies freedom (p. 110-111).