Friday, October 30, 2009

There Are Santiago People, There Are Holy Land People, There Are...

I was reading this story by Jan Benzel in the about the kind of people we are:

THERE are beach people, and there are mountain people. The first long to be barefoot on a wide stretch of sand by an ocean; the second live to wake up with the sun, pull on thick socks and lace up mud-crusted hiking boots. My daughter Becca is the second.

The article was about hiking mountains along and among the Adirondacks. Some people groove hitting the open trails of mountainscapes; others love the ocean and bare feet, the sound of the shushing waves.

I'm pretty certain the same is true with pilgrimage: there are those who are Santiago de Compostela-type pilgrims, and there are Holy Land-pilgrims; Celtic-pilgrim people; Nepal-pilgrim people; Machu Pichu-pilgrim people...we tend to find our groove, our group, our place along a certain pilgrim path and stay on this for some time.