Sunday, June 26, 2011

God Walk

My late friend and colleague at Duke Divinity School wrote this in "God Walk":

Christian life originated in God walk, on the road, int eh marketplace, by the seaside, and outside a city wall in a criminal's death on a cross. 'Disciple' is a word we use for someone who joins in the walk. Discipleship is the first and decisive word for God-walk in Christianity. It covers a way of other words, God-walk means willingness to immerse oneself as a whole and to stand where Jesus stands in all walks of life, especially with those who society turns out: the invisible women,and men, also the injured creation. That is why the eucharist is so central. Only here do we touch--as it were, bodily--the real presence of God in history in terms of Christian community. So it is not activity in general that is called for when we reflect on our social location. It is first of all participation in the justice mission of Jesus. It is eucharistic immersion in conflict because Jesus is still caught up in conflict. Jesus' life has not come to an end as yet. It is still going on."

From God-Walk: Liberation Shaping Dogmatics.

Buen camino!


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