Friday, February 7, 2014

St. Cuthbert's Pilgrimage! 5 Signed Up, and 7 Spots Left!

Five people have signed up to walk the way of St. Cuthbert to Lindisfarne!  7 spots left!

Here's the info again:

St. Cuthbert's Way Pilgrimage is happening! Half way towards being filled! Six more spaces open! The pilgrimage is from May 25-31, and is a pilgrimage between Melrose Abbey and Lindisfarne in England. 6 nights, five days walking, with an extra day to process the pilgrimage in Lindisfarne, a.k.a., the Holy Isle. If you are interested in just Melrose Abbey and Lindisfarne, and/or Melrose and Lindisfarne, along with Iona as well, let me know! Email me at:, or 919-444-9111.

Here's the schedule:
Night 1 (Sunday) - Melrose

Day 1 (Monday) - Three Abbeys in one day
Melrose to Jedburgh (passing Dryburgh Abbey - resting place of Sir Walter Scott - on the way)

Night 2 (Monday) - Jedburgh

Day 2 (Tuesday) - Jedburgh to Kirk Yetholm

Night 3 (Tuesday) - Kirk Yetholm

Day 3 (Wednesday) - Kirk Yetholm to Wooler

Night 4 (Wednesday) - Wooler

Day 4 (Thursday) Wooler to Beal (passing St Cuthbert's Cave en-route)

Night 5 (Thursday) - Beal

Day 5 (Friday) Beal to Holy Island (Lindisfarne)

Night 6 (Friday) - Beal

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