Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jesus Trail: Traveling the Old Country

"Walking the Jesus Trail" was a recent article in the News and Observer. Two entrepreneurs built the trail walking in the "footsteps of Jesus," for forty miles. David Landis and Maoz Inon began and blazed this trail that connects with Nazareth with K(C)ana, to Arbel Cliffs, Tabgha, Mout of Beatitudes, to the Jordan River. I didn't see it connecting with Mt. Tabor/Mount of Transfiguration.

Now no one knows exactly where Jesus walked. And we are sure it wasn't in a circle like this pilgrimage. It is clear that Jesus grew up in Nazarth, Cana is where there was a miracle; Mount of Beatitudes is near the spot where Peter was surprised to find Jesus, in his post-resurrection glory, cooking fish for b'fast. Having been there, seen that, loved it, it is clear that Egeria, who wrote of these places in her diary, learned of these places from the Byzantines who took care of these places since the day of, um, Jesus.

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