Monday, November 17, 2008

Chava Alberstein and Greg Brown: Mid-East Meets Mid-West at Duke Univ.

Tonight I had the awesome of listening Greg Brown sing songs from the Midwest section of the USA, and Chava Alberstein, singing songs from her world of Israel. She is an inspiration (though Greg sang well too), because she has figured out that the Palestinians have a place in the land of Israel, as much as the Jews.

What I liked about Alberstein is not only her voice, but consciousness. In the Indy Weekly it wrote that she once put her life on the line by rewording a Passover song to criticize Israeli treatment of Palestinians in the late 80s. She truly advocates peace, which will involve people bending low in order to hear, see, and know that in that part of the world, all three faiths share the same earth, worshiping God.



Buen Camino!