Wednesday, November 26, 2008

French Pilgrims!

Amazing and true! The French beat the English at settling in the new world in search of religious freedom. In this article from the, there is the story of how a small group of French Huguenots settled in Florida in 1564, along the River of May, now St. John's River near Jacksonville, FL. Not only did they settle, but they prospered in this little settlement, making friends with the natives of that part of the world.

In 1565, King Phillip II of Spain had other ideas for FL, leading a holy war against the "Lutherans," (another term for Protestants) with his Catholic Spanish forces.

On the eve of the celebration of one kind of "pilgrim" and "pilgrimage,"e.g., the pilgrims of Plimoth Plantation in 1627, we remember our pilgrim forbears of French origin in the small colony in what is now Florida!

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Buen Camino!

Salaam and Shalom!