Friday, January 23, 2009

Inauguration Day Pilgrimage: Part II (The End)

One of the most wonderful parts of the parade were the bands.  They played extraordinarily well in bone chilling cold.  Amazing and breathless!  There were the Colonial-dressed fifes and drums, along with bands of large tubas; bands with lawn mowers; and baton twirlers and pom-pom cheerleaders as far as the eye could see.

After the Obamas and Bidens finished walking the route, a lot of people left the bleachers, but not us!  We looked behind us, at the White House, and we watched the Obamas go into the White House to retrieve the children.  The Bidens walked to the Presidential reviewing stand (above).  Suddenly, the Obamas and their children were running down the blue carpeted walk way to the reviewing stand: and we could see it all!

We inched closer to the stand and higher among the bleachers.  Soon we were seeing the north side of the White House over the fence.  We were so close we could've jumped over the fence quite easily, only to be caught by security details.  We could see the Obamas and Bidens in the stand.  Suddenly, Malia and Sasha dashed out of the stand, followed by their grandmother, Ms. Robinson, playing on the front lawn of the White House, going to their new home!


We were frozen in our places, not by the cold but by the excitement of it all, and we didn't want to leave or miss anything.  But by 6:00 P.M. we were tired and ready to head home.


Buen Camino!