Sunday, February 1, 2009

Church in the Trunk of the Car: A Pilgrimage

On, there was a great story on rural churches that are simply dying off.  They are dying because no one goes to these churches any more.  This is especially the situation in the Midwest, e.g., Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc.  Some churches are becoming yoked parishes--a practice that all Christian churches are used to be now--and they resemble a kind of pilgrimage, as people go from place to place to worship.  I remember when I was beginning a parish--Davis Dr. in Cary, now Cornerstone--and we talked about church in the trunk: cross, amp, microphone, and hymnals.  That model still works.  It is a model of the pilgrim: putting all our earthly cares in the back-pack, and off we go.

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Buen Camino!

Peace, Brett