Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The evening pilgrimage

The mystery of our 4 acres is how much changes--as do all properties--with the change of light. I am aware of the difference in our land and how well I know it between the full moon, and the times when there is no moon to be seen. For a pilgrim dare, I put one of our dog's on his leash and, in the pitch black, let him guide me through the ups and downs of the backyard, stumbling over brush and finding an unexpected hole from time to time.

This is how life is as a pilgrim: we need and search for points of reference all the time, with our footsteps being guided in an unknown land by the friends, associates, acquaintances, and complete strangers that the Spirit brings our way.

Grateful for those who accompany me, us, on this journey.

Buen camino!