Monday, September 7, 2009

Morning Pilgrimage

Every morning, right after I step out of bed, make the coffee and/or feed the dogs (depends upon the hunger of the dogs or the need for coffee), I put their leashes on, and off we go down the long "S" shaped driveway to the front of the property where the newspaper is tossed.

Each morning, the dogs find a new place to sniff and relieve themselves. Nothing is the same. There is a tree down now and then (we've got lots of them), a turn in the color of the leaves, a new smell where a deer left its mark, a stone overturned, a few leaves moved from where they were yesterday.

This is my morning pilgrimage. I am instantly reminded that nothing is the same day after day. Something in my environment, out of my control, has changed and is simply to be experienced.

The same is true with the pilgrimage of life.

Buen camino!

Pace, B