Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wearing Walking Shoes in the Hot Days of Spring

I'm getting my feet ready for walking to Chimayo, NM.  I'll be taking the eastern trek this time, having taken the north and south trek path.  There are two more ways that I want to walk to Chimayo: the north and the one from Albuquerque. 

In preparation, I am walking around with my walking shoes.  I've had my shares of blisters, and hope and pray to the Holy One that this will NOT be a day after day experience of blisters.  I wear a pair of Merrell shoes these days (see below).  They work the best for my vote. I tried a lovely pair of Vasque, and they ripped my feet apart within a few hours.  Not days, hours.  Bloody blisters on the back.  Just not pretty.

Preparation: it matters.  Just like life: preparation matters.

Buen camino!  Brett

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