Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve...

The stores are closing around this part of North Carolina.  Blinking colored lights outline bushes and trees and houses are coming on as the night ushers us into the incredibly brilliant mystery that God deigned to be born among us in the helpless human form of a baby.  Knowing us better than we know ourselves, God knew that we would need something "out of the box" to shake us out of our death-walk into an early disaster.  Jesus--being both God and human--does exactly that: shakes all of creation anew as what Origen called the "auto-basilia" nature of Jesus: the kingdom of God embodied in human form.

The prayer "O Come, Emmanuel!" has found a head-turning response in the form of the Christ-child.

Silent night tonight...

Bien camino, dear Christ-child!

Pilgrim peace, Brett