Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmastide Pilgrimage

In the book The Psalter of the Liturgy of the Hours, in the Christmas evening prayer, the Intercession prayer ends with "You came to earth to lead everyone into the kingdom, share your life of glory with those who have died," there it was: the words that remind us that Jesus came to lead us on a pilgrimage into the kingdom, which was and is and will be part of his very essence of who he is. As one theologian I recently read reminded me, God had one foot in that kingdom, and one foot implanted on earth, in the person of Jesus. Christmastide is a celebration of this truth.

"Once in David's royal city," a pattern for how we are to live was set for us on our pilgrimage.

Emmanuel is with us!

Bien camino,

Pilgrim peace,