Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Glowing Review of the book School of the Pilgrim in "Christian Century"!

There is a great review of The School of the Pilgrim book in The Christian Century by Arthur Paul Boers of Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary. He writes, "Webb-Mitchell sees pilgrimage not as a single practice but as a collection of practices: community, hospitality, communion, friendship, worship, prayer and encountering strange." For a further reading, click here to the link.

It is 2008. Christmastide joy and hope continues to wash over my tired bones and gladsome soul (we stayed out late last night for New Year's Eve), and we are going over to the new office of the School of the Pilgrim to paint the walls and take furniture, paintings, and books over: 309 W. Weaver St., Ste., 200, Carrboro, NC 27510. We are sharing the suite with Carolina Mornings and a lawyer. 2008 is the year of the School of the Pilgrim! Come on over for a visit; let's go for a cup of coffee at Weaver St. Market and Cafe, and on Sat. morning we can go over to the Farmers' Market nearby.

In 2008, watch for the following news:
* The Pilgrimage to the Holy Land: September 23-Oct. 3, 2008: Call or email me ASAP!
* Pilgrimage in MS!
* Creation of a School of the Pilgrim Zine!
* Creation of a resource listing of books, periodicals, music, art, movies, plays, and other websites connecting us to the greater world of pilgrims;
* Creation of a pilot for a television series based on pilgrimages around the world.

We invite your prayers, volunteer assistance, and contributions throughout the year!

Bien Camino!

Pilgrim Peace,