Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Virtual Community of the School of the Pilgrim: Coming Soon to this Blog and Website!

2008 has started off with a quick dash on our pilgrimage: the office is well-decorated and a great spot to write, dream, and create in most every day of the week (except on Sunday afternoons when a punk band takes over the downstairs insurance office and everything shakes, rattles, and rolls).

We are moving forward and making changes with the School of the Pilgrim website and need your help: we are going to make the website a nexus of community resources for everyone interested in pilgrimage around the world! This includes the following:
* Maintaining a list of written resources on pilgrimage among the world religions;
* Creating a list of movies and plays that reflect a pilgrimage theme, especially documentaries;
* Making a list of music that emerges from pilgrimage, from the Codex of Santiago de Compestela sung by Anonymous 4, to the musical based upon "Canterbury Tales";
* Developing a link with resources to visual art that is about pilgrimages;
* Photos of pilgrimage through resources like flickr;
* Other websites and blogspots that cater to pilgrimage.

We are also going to convert the newsletter "Postcards" to a Zine!

Stay tuned!

And make a comment below about what else we should consider!

Bien Camino,

Pilgrim peace, Brett