Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year for the School of the Pilgrim!

2008 has started out with a bang for the School of the Pilgrim! On Dec. 31st, we got the keys for the new offices of the School: 309 W. Weaver St., Ste. 200! On Jan. 1st, we began painting the office walls, and moved furniture into the new environs! Then on Jan. 4th, with the help of the fabulous artist Shannon Bueker, we hung her painting, along with paintings by artist friends and supporters of the School, including Julia Kennedy and Eduardo Lapetina, with sculpture by Ruffin Hobbs!

In this new year, there are ideas perking and moving along quickly. For example, in publications, I am working on an article for The Rambler magazine, along with articles with Chapel Hill Magazine and Carrboro Citizen. We are planning a big pilgrimage to the Holy Land in September 23-Oct.3rd, with people sharing with me hopes that we soon take a pilgrimage along a route that leads to a visit to various pilgrimage churches in France, a trek to Chimayo in northern New Mexico. The proposal is together for producing a television pilot "Pilgrimage Life," a weekly series on visiting and taking treks among the various pilgrimage sites around the world. And we are moving quickly beyond discussing the production of a Zine to making it happen, based upon the life of pilgrims along the pilgrimage routes that criss-cross this world.

Closer to home, many of you, kind friends and family members, have contributed with your money, prayers, and volunteer efforts, to the creation of the School of the Pilgrim: THANK YOU! Your support is making all the above possible!

Please feel free to email any other ideas for the burgeoning School of the Pilgrim! And thanks for the support along the pilgrim's way. Having been on pilgrimage often enough in life now, I can tell you that it is always good to hear an affirming word and hug.

Bien Camino!

Pilgrim peace, Brett