Sunday, December 23, 2007

Doorways and Horizons on the Pilgrimage of Life

In the last few weeks, I've had a great time seeing the art work by friends.  Their beautiful paintings remind me that I am honored to be among such gifted friends.

Julia Kennedy--whose work is contemporary, with a fantastic collection of colored squares and striking gashes and lines that break the color--had an art show at her house during the Chatham County (NC) Studio Tour.  Julia had one painting that caught my attention: an orange door that reminded me of so many doors in northern New Mexico and northern Spain.  A pilgrimage is always in need of a doorway or portal of time through which we enter into and leave through. With a door, there is always the question of what is going on in life on the other side of the door, or what are we leaving and what are we soon to embrace?

Amanda Millay Hughes also had an art show with her partner Kirsten, in which she had a beautiful set of three water colors showing the vast horizon of marsh land, reminiscent of the marshy areas of North Carolina's eastern coast line.  For pilgrims, horizons just beg the question: "What is on the other side of the horizon line?"

Along with artist friends like Eduardo Lapetina and Shannon Bueker (whose work I will comment upon in upcoming blogs), artists, poets, musicians, liturgists, writers, photographers, playwrights, graphic artists, architects--all artists--have a way of capturing aspects of pilgrimage that some times words fail to capture.  Thanks for the gift of art in the body of Christ.

Bien camino,

Pilgrim peace, Brett