Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pilgrims, American Style: Tony Horwitz's New Book on Pilgrims, American Style

On, there was a good review of Tony Horwitz's new book, A Voyage Long and Strange, covering not only the Pilgrims who made their way to the shores of what we call America in 1627, but other people from other lands who preceded the group of faithful Protestants who left England for the Netherlands to the shores of what was then considered the "New World." Horwitz chronicles the presence of Spaniards, French, and Icelandic explorers who came to the land because of its timber, its animal pelts, its fish, and for other reasons: religious freedom among many of them.

Horwitz looked at the near failure of the English separatists upon a boat we fondly call "The Mayflower." He talks about Amerigo Vespucci's mythic explanation of huge women that people would find in the new world. It was a land of incredible hope, opportunity, fear, native people who were not of European origin, and hopeful wealth.

It has been said that pilgrimage is over people in Europe. In the new world, pilgrimage was over land. Enjoy this book that tells our nation's story.

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Bien camino!

Pilgrim peace, Brett