Monday, December 29, 2008

The Holy Family's Pilgrimage

What I so enjoy about yesterday's lectionary reading (Luke 2) is the pilgrimage that the Holy Family has already been on by the time they enter the Temple and meet Simeon and Anna, ready to affirm what we now all know: this is the Son of the living God! We know that soon after his birth, the Holy Family went on a heck of a pilgrimage to Egypt, being chased by Herod's posse. My friend Henry Carse and I are eager to go on pilgrimage in that northern part of the Sinai to listen and learn from the Egyptian Coptics the path of the Holy Family nomads, a trail known only by those who are well-acquainted with the watering holes in that part of the world. Thus the Christ child truly is our Pilgrim God from the word "Go!"

Buen camino!

Salaam and Sahlom!

Peace, Brett