Sunday, December 7, 2008

John the Baptist: In the Jordan

Today's reading from Mark 1:1-8, was John the Baptizer, preparing the way of the coming of God in the person of Jesus. This is part of the pilgrimage journey of Advent, with John as prologue, as "starting point" for the journey of Jesus. The pilgrimage of God begins even earlier, with the words of the prophet Isaiah heralding the coming of the Christ, "Comfort, comfort my people."

I have stood, well, near the spot that the folks say "this is where John baptized Jesus" near Yarenit, a kibbutz that runs a tourist spot for Christian pilgrims. It is near where the Sea of Galilee flows into the Jordan, which then flows into the Dead Sea. It is a spot that is where the green river flows gently, with tree limbs hanging into the water.

So the Advent journey is well on its way!

Buen Camino!