Thursday, December 25, 2008

St. Francis: A Pilgrim Saint...and Merry Christmas!

E. J. Dionne writes about St. Francis in his column this morning in the Washington Post, reminding us that the one who helped create the image of Jesus' birth in the dirt of the stall is none other than St. Francis, who first created a creche scene:

It was Saint Francis who, in 1223, set up the first creche in the Umbrian village of Greccio, depicting Christ's infancy in the less-than-regal circumstances of the manger. Saint Francis founded a religious order that stressed liberation from the tyranny of material possessions and, Pelikan notes, the role of Christians as "strangers and pilgrims in this world."

The world is still blessed with many actual Franciscans. But in our time, there is another community of "strangers and pilgrims" whose satisfaction comes not from accumulating material goods or political power. They are the relief workers and community builders lending their energy to the poorest people in villages and urban slums around the globe.

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We are strangers and pilgrims in this world!

Praise the Christ child, our Pilgrim God!

Buen camino!