Friday, May 1, 2009

Catholic/Orthodox Churches Get Pilgrimage, While We Protestants Struggle

In reading a bit by Richard Rohr this morning in the book, Radical Grace, I was stopped in my tracks when reading this line:

On the walls of our Catholic churches we have fourteen stations...It's movement, stages, and phrases: First this hast to happen, then you have to go through that; you have to remain on the path in all its stages and relationships. The path itself will be your teacher.

That's process theology. It's not the static theology some of us unfortunately grew up with.

Of course, I was taught static theology, and not the kind of process theology, which I equate with pilgrimage or pilgrim theology.

Rohr ends with the affirmation that God will always give us friends who will support us on the journey.

The line that stuck out and is in me is: "the path itself will be your teacher."

So this is what I must write and be about: a pilgrim theology, in which the path is the teacher as we follow the Pilgrim God.

Buen camino!