Sunday, May 3, 2009

Seeing the School of the Pilgrim Today

I walked along the route of the School of the Pilgrim today.

It was exciting.

I keep getting glimpses of it along the way of life, and today, another chunk came into place.

It was at a sculpture garden show at the home of Tinka Jordy and her husband, between Hillsborough and Chapel Hill, NC. They have 16 acres that they open up to sculptors to show their work in beautiful surroundings in the middle of forested land.

Outside of the usual bits of glorious sculpture work in a well-built and well-maintained garden was a wild and woolly "Sculpture Trail," and we walked down that path, and that made all the difference. At certain bends of the woodsy trail were pieces of sculpture that caused one to stand, sit, and meditate. The trail went down toward a pond that was still and silent. Walking by small white arrows leading the way (like yellow arrows from Santiago), we walked deeper into the woods, and life became quieter, more peaceful, restful, amid God's sculptured woods.

This is it! This is what I needed to see, walk, feel, smell: the sculptured garden and then the wood trail.

So architecturally the School of the Pilgrim will have a "Meeting House," which will house a kitchen with a large table in the middle of it for people to gather around, a small chapel (round), and main offices. There will be a square table, with sand in the middle, a butane torch keeping a kettle of water hot for tea and conversation.

Dotted around the property will be a studio for art, a studio for music, a studio for writing...

And a labyrinth...

And a place for pilgrims to stay and be at home...

And a woodsy trail with sculptures placed at points for reflection.

What we are in need of is the land. This garden was on 16 acres, with pond access. A body of water is necessary.

And money.

But I saw the School today, from which we will venture forth into the world to traipse around the world, coming back to discover the trail we walk on in our very lives.

Buen camino!