Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feelin' Good About the Shoes

Silly: I've fretted about the shoes and walking 100 miles, and I think I found what works: double socks...or triple. I bought a pair of double socks at REI, and along with another pair of socks over it (3), voila!

Though I must say that after walking in sandals most of the spring months it is hard to put on the shoes. I'll bring the Keene and Chaco sandals too.

I also bought a pounder (1 pound) sleeping bag (Marmot) today. This is my one big purchase for this trip. Salesman Rob, who has become a kind of friend over this bag at Townsend Bertram and Co. in Carrboro, and I had a great conversation: turns out he is a Presbyterian from Charlotte. We had a great conversation about pilgrimage and the School of the Pilgrim. He thanked me for buying the bag: times have been hard for the store, especially April. We talked about ways that his Co. and the School of the Pilgrim could work together.

Getting ready to be lost in the pilgrimage.