Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Being Surprised by What We Find Ahead of Us

What I've learned and keep re-learning on pilgrimage---both an actual pilgrimage and the pilgrimage of life--is that I am always surprised by what is ahead of us. While there are moments that I think I know what is ahead, hope I know what is ahead, plan on what I think I will find, I am always surprised by the unexpected that greets me, whether I'm ready or not.

It is learning to live in the ambiguity of the present of what could be, and the "what if," and being at peace with such ambivalence, being open to the journey that is, and that is ahead.

In the Sinai, I could see the outline of mountain ranges ahead and behind, not knowing what was in those valleys and peaks, but knowing it would be incredible nonetheless.

The same is true in life's pilgrimage.

My hope is to always keep the unexpected and the surprise ever before me in the Spirit led path I am on currently.



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