Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Pilgrimages Under the School of the Pilgrim!

Here is the unique part of our pilgrimages, such as the ones we are offering in 2010:

* we will be asking people to prepare intellectually, spiritually, and intellectually before the pilgrimage begins. We will send a book for everyone to read before hand, and then discuss the readings on pilgrimage. We will continue to ask you to consider praying certain prayers. And we would like people to train physically, walking a mile or two a day for two weeks before hand;

* we will asking people to continue to stay connected with us for four weeks via on-line, wifi connections after everyone returns. Month one we will be on-line together once a week; month two, three times a month; month three, two times a month; and month four, one time. This last month, if people are close by geographically, we may all get together for a retreat. The idea behind this gathering and on-line connection is helping/assisting people to stay connected as they try to discern the pilgrimage path they are currently on, right where we live;

* we will include a hands on service project along and within the pilgrimage itself. We are in the process of making those connections currently. This last part about the School of the Pilgrim important: service is intrinsic to all pilgrimages because we are welcomed as strangers, embodying within us the Holy One and likewise, in working with and meeting other strangers, we meet the Holy One within them. And it makes School of the Pilgrim pilgrimages a tax free pilgrimage.

Come one, come all!


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