Friday, January 15, 2010

Camino Calm: The Diary; a Pilgrim's Tale by Jaqui Tutt

It arrived today: Camino Calm; the Diary...A Pilgrim's Tale. My friend Jaqui Tutt went on-line to a self-publishing house and published her diary in book form.

It is exquisite!

I love it!

There is something about pilgrimage, and for Jaqui this pilgrimage, that brings about a new sense of calm, while for veteran pilgrims it restores a calmness in life long gone. Pilgrimage, even with all its trials and tribulations, is restorative. I find the balance of life restored after I've been on pilgrimage.

But then again, the real work of the pilgrimage takes place upon our return home.

Pace, B

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