Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Church Becomes a Museum

In the, there was a small, fascinating article on the De Nieuwe Kerk, or the New Church, that is titled as the "former church" that is now a museum, hosting an exhibit on the Middle East country of Oman.

From the
With a long coastline on the southeast part of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman competed as a seafaring power for centuries; it once thrived as a trading partner with European nations — including the Netherlands — in its golden age. (Today its power lies more in its oil wealth than its naval commerce.) This exhibition, which runs through April 18, unlocks some of the country’s history with relics from the vaults of Oman’s leading cultural institutions.

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I am intrigued by the notion of what happens in and to a church, a mosque, a synagogue, when the building hosts something totally different than the audience it was built for in the first place. As Eliade writes about, many of these very places embody a "thin membrane," where the Holy One and humanity may almost touch one another.



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