Monday, October 1, 2007

Guernica and Spanish Pilgrimage

I spent today in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, which houses an impressive display of contemporary art, from Dali to Picasso, Miro to a wonderful new artist I had not known, Paula Rego. The highlight was seeing Picasso´s Guernica, capturing the horrors of war in graphic, black, white, and grey detail. I am reminded that this land of Spain is a land of pilgrimage, in which the people have seen great art and beauty in music, but have witnessed the horrors of war close up. It is a land of religious mysteries, and a land of iconic beauty. To see the religious art of the Prado, followed by the art capturing the wars and questions of this modern age shows how fascinating the people are who have lived here throughout the centuries.

I am also reminded that this is not only a very Catholic country, but Madrid is an incredibly metropolitan city, with a breadth of people from all countries. In attire, customs, and food, there is much to experience of the world.

I am off to Ponferrada tonight, catching the 10:10 P.M. train, arriving at 4 in the morning. Pilgrimage has begun!

Thank you for your prayers, friends!

Pilgrim peace, Brett