Friday, October 12, 2007

Made it to Madrid!

The last night in Santiago turned quickly into morning! A group of pilgrims hunted for a place to have coffee and some food for breakfast, which was a challenge since everything was closed because of the national holiday. In between two small shops was a small cafeteria near the Cathedral. We snuck in, a group of four, and had one last good meal together.

Morning soon led to one more Mass at the Cathedral. The larger-than-life incense burner was swung again, because it is a national holiday! I smelled of incense all day...could have been worse, since I also need a shower.

I got on the Madrid train from Santiago at 1:30, with two other pilgrims, Tracey and Laurie. We had a great time talking about the pilgrimage to Santiago, and its effect upon our lives. Many of us will now begin the work of actively remembering the act of being pilgrims of Santiago!

Made it to the hotel by 11:30, and I´m ready to grab a quick bite, and then head on to bed after soaking feet a little bit.

Tomorrow: North Carolina!

Bien Camino!

Pilgrim peace, Brett