Monday, March 3, 2008

The Example of Christ: Walk in his Footsteps

In 1 Peter 2:21-24 (last night's reading from the Benedictine book of prayers under "Evening Prayer") there was this line that stuck out and rang true; "Christ suffered for you, and left you an example to have you follow in his footsteps."

Throughout the Old and News Testaments there are plenty of examples of how we are to understand ourselves as being on a pilgrimage in our daily lives, this verse from 1 Peter 2 being one of the strongest commands: to follow the example of the Pilgrim God, Jesus, who left his footsteps for us to follow. And where do we find those footsteps in this day and age? By having to go to the Holy Land to find the exact steps, which, by the way, aren't there? Or is the way to follow his footsteps by placing the footstep of our very lives, and how we live our lives, and how we work out the problems and celebrate the joys of our lives, and understand life, through the countless examples of Christ, and Christ followers, in our daily lives?

Morning from this pilgrim's life!

Bien Camino!

Peace, Brett