Monday, March 24, 2008

When the Pilgrimage of Eastertide Sinks Into Our Being

The Church where I attended yesterday morning for Easter was are most churches on this day. We clergy call the phenomenon, "Chreaster," a blend of Christmas and Easter, the day that many members and non-members suddenly come out of the wood-work and are present! We clergy try not to preach too long, but heck: we only see some of these people twice a year, and clergy are wont to going too long on this day, as they do on Christmas Eve worship.

What I like about this photo is that it shows where the real work of the Church has now gone: out onto the roadways, the byways, the highways, the pilgrimage path of life. Soon, we will come to the iconic pilgrimage story of the disciples running away to Emmaus, in which they meet the Stranger on the road: not in the synagogue nor temple, but the roadway! To this day, this is still where we are apt to meet the Christ: in the unexpected moments among the strangers in this world, who reveal the heart of the Stranger as we break bread together in acts of hospitality.

It is all about the journey, the pilgrimage, is it not, Pilgrim?

Bien camino!

Pilgrim peace,