Thursday, March 20, 2008

Washing Feet

Maundy Thursday is always a mix of celebrating Eucharist and washing disciples' feet, both rituals (the former being a sacrament, the latter being a rite) that are given to us in remembering Jesus in our communal and personal lives.    And both rituals are key to an actual pilgrimage, as well as the pilgrimage of life.  
On an actual pilgrimage, the Eucharistic celebration is a great meal to remind us that we are not alone on this journey of life, nor are we left hungry and thirsty on the road of life.  Jesus is with us on the journey of life, and Jesus is the very sustenance and liquid on the road of life.  We are filled with Jesus on the pilgrimage of life, who accompanies us each step of the way.
On an actual pilgrimage, the foot is key, is pivotal, is necessary to make the pilgrimage.  But "foot" is also metaphorical for the journey of life: you can go on a pilgrimage in a wheel chair or gurney; you can go on a pilgrimage in crutches.  But in the end, when Christ washes the foot, the hand, or the arm pit and elbow, caressing them, rubbing the ache out of the limbs, we are in awe of how much the Lord of Creation cares for us, down to the very limbs of our bodies.
Bien camino, 
Pilgrim peace,