Monday, March 31, 2008

Labyrinth Walking in Pittsboro, NC!

In the Raleigh, NC, News and Observer, there was this powerful photo by Pailin Wedel, showing a group of gentlemen walking a square labyrinth in Pittsboro United Methodist Church in Pittsboro, NC. Carl McGhee is in the forefront of the image. My hunch, from the photo, is that it is in a fellowship hall, probably a basement. It is a photo taken during Holy Week a few weeks ago.

What is powerful in this image is the ordinary people who are engaged in the power of walking this circuitous path, no matter what age, gender, ability, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or nationality. On the path of the labyrinth, people find a divine practice of prayer-in-motion. Knowing that pilgrimage and labyrinth use the same kind of spiritual energy, it appears that we are a world on the edge of all of us taking a pilgrimage.

Bien camino!

Pilgrim peace,