Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Deut. 24: Moab and Moses

As I prepare for this Sunday's worship and the sermon I am struck by the story of Moses on the end of his pilgrimage through the Sinai. He ends up on the edge of Moab, on Mt. Nebo, about to cross into the Holy Land, the land of the Canaanites, but he is simply given a vision of what and where God's people are to go.

From Wadi Qelt I have seen Moab, looking down on Jericho, to Jerusalem, seeing the glistening waters of the Dead Sea, the Negev stretching nearby.

It is simply profound, having been on pilgrimage in that part of the world, to have the words of the Old and New Testament spring to life as I read it having been to that part of the world.

Come, one and all: go with us on pilgrimage next April 2009!

Salaam and shalom!

Buen Camino, Brett