Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Israel...that's a Christian nation...

The necessity of visiting and going on pilgrimage in foreign lands came to haunt me the other day at the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA: a gentleman that I've met before in the YMCA was in the whirlpool with me after a work-out. We were talking about the upcoming campaign, and the difference between the candidates: McCain vs. Obama. He suggested that Obama simply needed a little more time in the Senate before running, with experience over seas. I asked him how much he understood Obama's experience overseas vs. that of the current President, and he had not realized that you could count on one hand all the time that President Bush had experienced life overseas, and usually only to visit his parents.

Then we got into the politics of the Middle East, in which he stated: "Well Israel is a Christian nation." I couldn't resist or hold myself back. "No. That's not correct. That's wrong. In terms of religion it is a largely Muslim and Jewish nation, but it is not Christian. Christians are a distinct minority."

The importance of pilgrimage abroad.

Salaam and shalom,

Buen camino!