Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Memories of Pilgrimage: Shoes

This morning I put my shoes on, and memories of Israel came flooding back to me because I wore these Keen sandals, along with my Chacos, around the various outdoor bazaars and holy sites--always wearing long trousers. I remember wearing these shoes, my feet feeling little to no pain of blisters, coated with Guerney Goo, a gift from New Zealand, thanks to Jaqui, who taught me how to liberally cover my feet with the white goo which helps in any rubbing of the feet in the wrong places.

As I wear my shoes and type this entry, I am reminded of the last taxi driver we had on Sat., zooming to the airport in Tel Aviv. We were talking about the land and the people, the ancient issues if you will, when out of nowhere his cell phone rings with the melody from the television series, "Sex and the City," and I broke out in laughter. Old and new collide in the taxi drive to Tel Aviv. Gotta love it.

Shalom and Salaam, Buen Camino...B