Monday, October 6, 2008

The Voices of Israel: A Pilgrimage of Voices

In one of my books I write about pilgrimage being sometimes over land (Santiago de Compostela), sometimes over time; and some times over people. This pilgrimage to Israel was over and among a people, which makes it all together a different pilgrimage. There are many voice in the land of Israel, each expressing their view point and opinion, the way they understand what is true and right, fact and reality.

This was put in the flesh when I boarded the airplane from Tel Aviv to Newark: my flight attendant had just been having discussions with the folks who are Messianic Jews, a.k.a., Jews for Jesus. They understand that the Messiah has already come back in the person of Jesus, and are out to persuade other Jews to understand this truth.

Later that night, when entering a restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC, I encountered a friend and his girl-friend, who I met for the first time. She was excited that her daughters had an opportunity to live in Israel and get to know their home-land as Jewish young girls. When I countered that it is a land with many claims on it, she retorted that those who are Jewish have every right to the modern land of Israel because of the biblical claims.

There are many voices in Israel. Perhaps this was a pilgrimage of voices. Clearly there is not a homogeneity among those voices, but a heterogeneity that borders on cacophony.

Shalom and Salaam,

Buen Camino,