Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day Five: Once Brewed to Chollerford

Feeling a little sad today as we come to the end of our pilgrimage. It rained last night--again--which didn't make any of us happy. But the weather was just that: a rain at night and the sun the rest of the day.  We walked as two different groups.  John's group took off first, and our group (Trina and Brett) left second after our usual breakfast of two buns and bangers and cereal and milk. Lunch packed (also the usual), and we were off.

Today we would walk by three more obelisks that tell us this is the apex of the walk.  We saw the tree that was used in the Kevin Costner version of "Robin Hood," the movie. Everyone had to take a pic of the tree as well as celebrate the silliness of the tree because it was impossible to be in the movie, given the time sequence of the story:

Today, evidence of the wall would decrease more and more this day. We ran into a group of young people who had done "truancy" work, along with some Scout troops. The last few days there have been more people than usual on the pilgrimage, though not as many as there are to Santiago.

We ended up in Chollerford, near the home of Gary and Tracey.  The pub we went to was Gary's favorite pub, and the meal was splendid.  It was the last night on the pilgrimage trail.

Night pilgrims!


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