Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day Nine: To Dunfermline (from Mull to Oban to Glasgow to Dunfermline by minibus, ferry, train, and minivan again)

Made it to Dunfermline! Home town of the great Mr. Carnegie, whose remains are buried there.

Again: Dave took us via car to an early ferry to Oban, where we waited to get on the train to Dunfermline through Glasgow, catch another train to Dunfermline.

Dunfermline was a "suburb" of Edinburgh.  We got off the train (John and I) at the Edinburgh airport, and got our Citroen minivan for the day.  Exquisite!  I drove for the week, escorting people around, listening to conversations, and enjoying the day with all those who I drove.

The "castle" (above is the church where  Robert the Bruce's body is buried, with his heart in Melrose Abbey), was grand. 30 rooms+  Each student had room to spread out. Dinner was delicious.  We discovered that Asda is England's Wal Mart.

A beautiful, long day.

Buen camino!


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