Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day Seven: Glasgow to the Isle of Mull

Glasgow through to Oban to the Isle of Mull...phew!  Above is a "self catering" cottage that greeted us once we got to Mull.

How hard is it to get to Iona?  Hard!  This Presbyterian breeding ground amazes me. People have to fly into Glasgow, then catch a train to Oban, taking a ferry over to Mull, then a bus to your place (in this case, a cottage, above).

The conversation was gentle and the train ride intoxicating.  The breakfast at the Best Western was more than continental: it was a full blown meal. And everyone loved not being in a tent. The train station was a pleasure palace for all of us who wanted to eat and buy any more medicine, clothes, etc.

Oban: a great little town with a distillery for Scotch. Fresh seafood fish sandwiches were amazing. By the time that we got to Mull, the buses were gone, so Dave--the editor of the only newspaper on Mull, with his wife who designed the layout for it--drove us all to the cottages.

Food at a pub, one long walk to the cottage, and we fell sound asleep.

Iona awaits!


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