Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day Thirteen: L'Arche Edinburgh

Today was special: the group of pilgrims spent time at the l'Arche Edinburgh community, along with a trip to Edinburgh. The craziest part of the day was getting everyone to the l'Arche community, whose headquarters are found in a modern office building complex...so not l'Arche...but it works.

There was a l'Arche house that hosted us in the complex, which was wonderful.  L'Arche is the religious community with adults with intellectual challenges.  There were four core members, and three Assistants.  Our lunch was delicious and healthy. The pilgrims heard about the life and times of l'Arche. And one of the pilgrims is interested in coming back and being part of l'Arche in Edinburgh!

The craziest part of the day?  We got 11 people in the Citroen minivan, taking them to the l'Arche community. But it was all community building.

What we've been doing at night has been meaningful: I've led them through Henri Nouwen's Journey of the Heart, a pilgrimage itself, in which students have played with solitude, silence and prayer for the last three nights. Powerful prayers and times of silence.

Tonight was our "last supper" together, which was sad.  What I heard mentioned over and over again is the power of walking across England, and the "boost" to their confidence.

Buen Camino!


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